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_Mehmed Ghulam Hussain_ The modern concept of _Chapters_ (Persian, _Shavad_ ; Urdu, _Shabads_ ) emerged at the end of the nineteenth century, with the publication of the first edition of _The Golden Book of Knowledge_. This book, as we are going to see, was a significant turning point in the history of Urdu literature, and it also turned Urdu literature into a science and a philosophy. The book was divided into chapters, and in the next century, starting with Jamaluddin Afghani's _Ajaib-e-Hind_ ( _Beauty of India_ ) (1904), the novel and the literary criticism became increasingly interlinked, with chapters ( _shavads_ ) playing an increasingly important role. It is important to mention here that there is no single definition of _chapter_ in English literature. In the study of Arabic literature, 'chapter' usually refers to the chapter heading in a Qur'an, or to the heading of a chapter in a book. In the study of Persian literature, by contrast, the word is used to refer to a text within a text. In Urdu literature, in addition to this, the word _shabads_ is used to refer to the section of a chapter, whereas in Persian literature the word _majm ā'ī_ (the object or the topic) is used. Thus in the study of Urdu literature, _chapter_ has a number of shades of meaning. The word _Chapters_ appears for the first time in Jamaluddin Afghani's _Ajaib-e-Hind_, the first Urdu novel. It is possible that the word had already existed as a title for a section of a book or a chapter, but it had no real significance until its appearance in Jamaluddin's novel. What has become one of the most important works in Urdu literature, _Ajaib-e-Hind_ —called by some 'the first Urdu novel'—was the product of Jamaluddin Afghani's fascination with the subject of the _shahnamah_, the account of the Prophet's life. Jamaluddin used the _shahnamah_ as a framework to describe the nature of the



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Patwaricoursebooksinurdu brooamr

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